Top Tips For Choosing Art For Your Home

Unless you are an art curator, gallery owner, or an artist, buying art can be a little daunting.  Galleries can feel intimidating and confusing to beginners. You might be worried about choosing the right colours or the right size for your room, or figuring out whether to go for something conventional or something a bit unique and quirky.

However, choosing art for your home should be something instinctive and intuitive, and something that just feels right. Here are some tips to help you to choose the right piece of wall art for your home.

Top Tips For Choosing Art For Your Home

What type of art do you like?

When it comes to your home decor, there are certain ‘rules’ you may want to observe – mainly sticking to neutral furniture and flooring. However, if you apply this guidance to all aspects of your home, you will end up with a very boring and bland space. Your walls are the ideal opportunity to express your personality. When it comes to choosing something for your walls, go with what your heart is telling you. It doesn’t matter if no one else like it if you like it, buy it.

Understand the artist

Getting to know the person behind the artwork will give you a better sense of the piece and help you to appreciate the context. Meeting the artist in person is a great way of understanding the art, but if this is not possible, do your research on them on the internet. Learn about them and follow them on social media to get an understanding of who they are.

Get in there, quick!

Art is very much special and quite often, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Artists create individual works and unless you are prepared to take a print rather than original, hesitation may lead to you losing out. As per the first point we made, if something catches your eye, buy it!  You are rarely going to regret buying art, and the resale value is almost always worth the risk. If you do miss out, however, art prints are always a great alternative.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with art

Don’t be afraid to try out stuff beyond your comfort zone. Too often we think of art as simply paintings or sketches, but it may also be a sculpture or a piece of embroidery. If you want wall art, look at alternatives to traditional paintings. Some artists enjoy using and producing wax art, recycled materials, silk, enamel and various other mediums. If you see a piece that you are connecting to but it is not quite right for your space, get in touch with the artists. They may be able to create something in the same manner but is more in keeping with the space.

Art is personal. No two people have the exact same choices in artwork, and what works for one piece might not work for the next. Think about who is going to be looking at it the most: you. if you like it, go for it.

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