How To Consciously Parent Your Child When They Are Unwell

Parenting is a beautiful process full of unique situations, challenges, and blessings. However, there are some times when the wisest of parents can be at a loss for words or thought- one such event is when your child has a temporary, chronic, or terminal health condition. This can take a toll not only on the body but also the mind of the primary caregivers trying their best to look after their child. One of the thoughts that weigh the heaviest on our minds as parents are not being able to understand how to make this easier for little kids as they grow and transition. Some days are easy to be positive, but on others, your child needs to be shown reasons to stay optimistic. Here are ways to give your child a good life even with the experiences they face.

  1. Create a security blanket around them: Every child needs to feel safe and comfortable, but a child with health conditions needs even more of it. Being supportive is something all parents know of, but there are times when your child may feel the pinch of missing out on experiences that other children can easily. This can be a small start of insecurities forming, which can chip away at their self-esteem. Remind them that you’re always going to love them unconditionally, regardless of the things they are able to do or are limited to.
  2. Make their doctor appointments part of a reward system: Doctor visits and appointments for routine neuro-oncology checkups are usually not a problem because children are wiser than we think. However, sometimes the mood can shift, and you may be met with frustration and stubbornness. We can’t blame them, some procedures can be hurtful, and hospitals aren’t exactly the most pleasant places for kids. Try to introduce the element of reward or fun into their medical visits to feel more positively reinforced. Speak to the experts at the hospital as to how they can make the process more comforting for your child.
  3. Include time to enjoy life in the little things: One of the greatest joys that any person experiencing chronic illness experiences is doing the things they usually can’t due to medical restrictions. Things such as meeting their friends, being visited by emotional support animals, or enjoying the support of a family gathered for a sing-song can brighten their day. The key is to include them in little activities to make them feel involved in the small things of life.
  4. Nature therapy: Nature can heal the mind and body, and we all know that if your child is able and allowed to, help them get gentle sunshine and fresh air by taking them outdoors to the park or even your lawn every day. Nature therapy works to keep their inner light glowing. You can combine this with story and playtime to bond with your child.

Wrapping Up: 

One of the most uplifting experiences is watching your child recover and fight through these experiences. With your support, empathy, and nurturing, they can flourish into healthy adults. We hope that this blog helps you with some perspective.

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