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Like most toddlers, Benjamin adores In the Night Garden. He, like Harrison and Alex before him, knows that when that comes on the TV, it is almost bedtime. When he hears the opening lullaby, he retrieves his dummy from wherever he left it and climbs onto the settee for a snuggle and to watch Iggle Piggle and friends. We are now in the process of getting Benjamin to move from co-sleeping with us to sleeping in his own bed. It’s actually going pretty well and I think our success is helped by these lovely In the Night Garden bedtime toys from Golden Bear.

In the Night Garden Bedtime Boat |

The Iggle Piggle’s bedtime boat (RRP £24.99) has several features including a lovely night light with a timer, which you can set for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. This is really useful in those few minutes where we leave the room but he’s not quite asleep. The gentle glow seems to soothe him and helps him to drift off. There’s also a lullaby function, short stories and a projector show, which he absolutely loves! I think Alex, who is also learning to self-settle at night, finds it comforting as well. It’s nearly made me doze off whilst I’m in there!

In the Night Garden bedtime boat |

In the night garden bedtime toys

We were also sent the glowing musical Makka Pakka soft toy (RRP £19.99). We are forever grateful to this toy, as it saved our sanity on a long evening drive from Birmingham back to Wales. Benjamin woke up halfway home and started screaming whilst we were on the motorway. Thankfully, we had this in the car with us, and it immediately calmed him down and sent him back to sleep. He now takes it to bed with him every night! It’s lovely and cuddly, and when you press his hand, his tummy lights up and plays the gentle lullaby theme tune.

In the Night Garden Bedtime Toys Makka Pakka |

In the Night Garden bedtime toys

In the night garden bedtime toys

Benjamin absolutely adores his In the Night Garden bedtime toys – and so do we!

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. My little boy loves in the night garden and I have him a few presents for Christmas from them, I can’t wait till Christmas Day

  2. Already bought some for my 3 months old / 3 year old great neices Christmas – they are great fun

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