Meal Planning Monday (Gestational Diabetes Friendly!) 1/4/19

April Fools Day! I wish the fact that I have more than likely got gestational diabetes was an April Fools joke, but sadly, it isn’t. It hasn’t been confirmed, but it is looking very likely, and I will know more at the end of this month. Until I know either way, I’m acting as if I do. I’ve been reading all about the sorts of food that I should and shouldn’t eat if I do have it and have done a gestational diabetes friendly meal plan – increasing the amount of protein and healthy fats and swapping white rice and pasta for wholemeal.

Meal Planning Monday Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Friendly Meal Plan

Roasted chicken and mediterrean vegetable traybake

Homemade burgers (mine without the bun!) with sweet potato fries and homemade coleslaw

Spanish omlette with salad

Mackerel pasta with peas

Sweet and sour pork and egg noodles

A grilled ‘fry-up’

Roast dinner

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11 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday (Gestational Diabetes Friendly!) 1/4/19”

  1. A great meal plan even though its been tailored for gestational diabetes, my sister suffered with it on her pregnancy, by eating as she had to she actually lost weight in her pregnancy rather than gain it xx

  2. Good luck the diabetes and managing it it, our son is type 1 diabetic so any questions xx your meal plan sounds lovely xx

  3. Oh bless you – I’m so sorry if it turns out to be GD but at least you’re taking all the right steps now to help yourself!

    Thanks for joining up – I love the sound of a grilled fry up – we had one recently too (we call it Brinner)

    1. Throw it all in – usually chicken, potatoes and whatever veg is lurking in the fridge. Lots of garlic and olive oil!

  4. Going to pass this over to my friend- she’s struggling to cook delicious meals without the sugar

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