What to Expect When You Have a Glucose Tolerance Test

In my 29 week update I told you about the fact that my blood sugar levels had came back high, and so I was being referred for a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) to see if I had gestational diabetes.

What to Expect When You Have a Glucose Tolerance Test

Well, the test was today. I had been dreading it. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything other than water from 10pm last night which was a big challenge. I don’t function without at least one cup of coffee in my system, and at the moment feel really sick by about 9.30 if I haven’t had breakfast.  My appointment was at Solihull hospital, and I had to be there for 9am. It usually takes about twenty minutes on the bus, but knowing I would be catching the bus smack bang in the middle of rush hour I left at 8am – I still got there five minutes late! It probably helped by the fact the weather was absolutely horrendous as well, pouring down with rain and freezing cold. I was absolutely frozen when I got there, and all I wanted was a hot drink, which of course I couldn’t have.

I checked in at the reception at the antenatal clinic, where they seemed to be a mix up. They had my appointment down for next week, when the letter I received definitely (and I double checked when I got home!) said this week. I made it very clear that I was not going anywhere – think they realised that a soaking wet, hungry and hormonal pregnant woman is not to be messed with, and let me go through to the waiting area, where they were running 45 minutes late. Great!!

My view for the morning
My view for the morning

After 45 minutes of flicking through a magazine, I was finally called in to have the first blood test. Because I was so cold, my veins were hard to get to and so it was quite a painful blood test! Eventually, she got what she needed, and sent me back to the waiting room with a jug of Lucozade and a cup, with instructions to drink it all within five minutes. Now, normally I like Lucozade, but a jug of it in five minutes on an empty stomach is not nice. Afterwards, I felt quite sick and light headed. I had to sit in the waiting room for two hours then, which was incredibly boring. I’d taken a book but struggled to get comfortable.

The Lucozade
The Lucozade

Finally, the two hours were up and I was taken to the blood test department for the second test at 11.45 and then could finally have the snickers bar in my handbag!

The town centre is only a five-minute walk from the hospital so I made the most of being child free. I popped into Costa for a coffee to warm up, went and picked up various Bounty and Emma’s Diary packs from Boots, some newborn size nappies for hospital and some new leggings and top from New Look (after the morning I’d had, I figured I deserved a treat!).

I assume I will hear the results of the test this week – fingers crossed it comes back clear!

6 thoughts on “What to Expect When You Have a Glucose Tolerance Test”

  1. That sounds horrendous! I’m really lucky I had mine at my local docs, especially as I have them annually now, as I did had GD. At least I can go in for an early appointment, then pop home for a couple of hours.
    I always thought the concept of starving a pregnant hormonal lady over night then keeping her waiting was just ridiculous
    That drink is vile isn’t it.
    Fingers crossed for your results xx

    1. God yes, a starving pregnant woman is not something to mess with – I was VILE this morning! My drink was Lucozade which I do really like usually, just not nice on an empty stomach and drinking a pint of it in one go!! x

  2. I had the same thing with my pregnancy but they were not able to get any blood from me, they had to send a specialist doctor to come down and get the first round of bloods so by the time I was due the second round I was a nervous wreck. Luckily I did not have GD (however they were determined to try and pinpoint a reason for me measuring full term at 32 weeks) which resulted in many unnecessary tests and upset. Fingers crossed you have a good result.

    1. That sounds horrendous. Glad you didn’t have it in the end though!

  3. Ugh I’ve got my GTT tomorrow morning and she told me I can’t eat after 9pm
    I absolutely hated the test with my first, felt so sick and hungry
    ..dreading it xx

  4. On one hand its a pain
    On the other hand its something that can be monitored and treated
    Bad enough being starved anytime !

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