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Gardening can be a really fun activity to do with the kids, especially now we are rapidly approaching the long summer holidays. It’s a hobby that can stay with them for life, and it’s perfect for getting some fresh air and exercise.  Here are a few tips for getting kids interested in gardening:

1. Choose quick growing plants

Children like to see almost immediate results – and gardening is one of those activities where it can take a while to see the fruits of your labour. Choose some quick growing plants and flowers, such as sunflowers or cress seeds – you should be able to see some growth within a few days. This will (hopefully!) keep them interested enough to move onto slower growing plants.

2. Grow your own vegetables and herbs

What better way to encourage a reluctant veggie eater than growing and picking their own? It will also teach them where their food comes from which is really important.

3. Use some child-friendly mini tools

I always think kids size things can sometimes be a bit of a marketing ploy and naff, but when it comes to gardening tools, smaller size ones are much better. A little watering can, some small shovels and trowels are pretty much all you need. Have some outdoor storage ready to pop them in when you’ve finished – SGS Engineering do a range with gas struts to make them easier and safer to open and close.

4. Make labels & create growth charts

Gardening can be such a cross-curricular activity.  Widen their literacy and creative skills by getting them to make name labels for the plants they are growing, and keep a chart to monitor their growth. They won’t realise they are doing maths

5. Let them get muddy

This one was always a difficult one to me – I hated dirt and mud, and that is a difficult one to avoid when you have kids in the garden. Put aside an old school t-shirt and trousers that you don’t mind them getting muddy in, and be ready to chuck them in the bath or shower afterwards – or on a warm day, have the paddling pool ready to dunk them in!

6. Grow colourful flowers to attract butterflies

Kids and adults alike love butterflies. Plant some brightly coloured flowers to attract butterflies, bees and other insects – you could go on a mini-beast hunt! Why not try some of the best colorado flower containers to make them look great?

7. Give them their own spot

If you’re worried about them digging up the plants and flowers that you’ve carefully cultivated, give them their own planter or spot of the garden and let them loose!

What are your tips for getting kids involved and interested in gardening?

7 Tips for Gardening with Kids

2 thoughts on “7 Tips for Gardening with Kids |AD”

  1. Think the best part is getting MUDDY
    My neices love it -think sometimes that’s why they come so much
    Their mum frowns when they get dirty!!!

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