10 Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Week

Are you struggling to find things to do with the kids?

It is hard, isn’t it? Schools have sent home packs for many of our kids, but when you are trying to balance work as well, and keeping sane it can be really tough.

I hear you!

We have stuck to a routine but left opportunities for flexibility and fun. You can read about our first week of ‘Lockdown Learning’ on the blog (click here) but these are just pure and simple FUN! None of these involve anything expensive or any fancy skills – just basic resources, time and a little bit of space. 

1. Bake some shortbread biscuits

Now, I’m no cook but I think even I can manage this simple recipe from Jane’s Patisserie ! It is a fun way to get the kids in the kitchen, make some cheap snacks for the week ahead and avoid going to the supermarket for a top-up of biscuits. You could have biscuit decorating competitions!

2. Do some Disney Zumba

Now, we are all on board with the god that is Joe Wickes and his workouts, but if you fancy a bit of a boogie around your living room, check out Disney Zumba. Just type it in YouTube, and several options come up. We have been having fun doing Zumba workouts to the Moana soundtrack

3. Make handprint flower cards

We made these a couple of weeks ago and popped them through the door of our local elderly care home. Of course, you shouldn’t be making any journeys that are not essential at the moment, but if you are walking past one or can pop one in the post, I’m sure it will put a smile on the resident’s faces in this pretty bleak time, and they are super easy and fun to make.

4Salt dough ornaments

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve made these, but it’s 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of water. You could make some lovely easter ones to decorate a branch or easter tree with!

5. Listen to a David Walliams story

Now, I don’t know about you, but the kids and I LOVE David Walliams. I actually think he might be the Roald Dahl of our time, to be honest! Every day at 11 am, you can catch him reading a short story. 20 mins of chill-out time for the kids and the chance for you to grab a coffee and a breather.  Here’s the link to click: David Walliams Elevenses.

6. Draw themselves as a superhero

We are thinking about the things that we can do to help other people at the moment, and this is a great learning opportunity for the kids. Get them to draw themselves as a superhero and think about their special powers. It’s a great way to boost self-esteem, especially at a time when they may be feeling a bit lonely and strange!

7. Pom Pom water play

We do ours in a tuff spot, but a big tub will do. The weather looks quite nice this week so can be done in the garden or even on the floor with lots of towels to hand. You can see more about our Pom Pom water play by clicking here.

8. Teddy bear picnic

I don’t care how old you are, everyone loves a teddy bears picnic. If the weather is nice, you can do it outdoors, if it is rubbish, do it in the lounge. Throw a blanket or mat down, pack a picnic and enjoy it with the company of your favourite soft toys. 

9. Junk modelling

Before you chuck something out, ask yourself if the kids can use it? The chances are it will be yes. Give them the empty cereal boxes and kitchen roll tubes, milk bottle caps, egg boxes and anything else that is clean, throw some tape and glue and paint in their direction and see what they come up with. Extra curriculum points if you get them to design and plan their model first, and evaluate its effectiveness afterward.

10. Start a memory book or a gratitude book

Sadly, we may be in this situation for a while, so we need to try and make the best of it. Why not get them to make a memory book or a scrapbook of all the things they do? We have done a memory jar rather than a scrapbook. It encourages them to look for the small joys in each day – one of Ben’s was ‘I saw a new flower in the garden’. 

7 thoughts on “10 Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Week

  1. Going to try handprint cards – will be PERFECT to send messages to friends

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I will be sending them to my daughter to use with my granddaughter. I feel so bad that I can’t actually be with them and to give my daughter some respite, as I know she is finding it hard homeschooling my granddaughter and trying to work from home.

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