Week Two | Lockdown Learning Diary

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Are we really only in week two? It feels like we’ve been doing this forever!

It’s been a bit harder this week. I don’t know whether cabin fever is setting in a bit or we are all just feeling a bit grouchy. We have done pretty well, considering, and we’ve just gone with the flow when we have needed to. The weather has been pretty decent again, which makes it both easier and harder. Easier, because let’s face it, everything seems better when the sun is shining, but harder when you can’t get out to really make the most of it.

Here are some of the things that we have been doing so far (click on the links to find out more about them)


Comprehension – I think comprehension activities are a great learning tool. They help with reading and writing, and so we are going to do some comprehension activities every week. Twinkl has a superb range, and the texts are really interesting as well, which makes it fun.

Phonics – I’ve been working on phonics again with Ben. We’ve used some of the Twinkl live lessons, which I’ve mirrored to the TV from my phone, and we’ve been doing some tricky word practice. I’m going to be making him a game over the weekend to help – watch this space!

Instructions – Harrison, Alex and I made a big pan of leek and potato soup, and they then went away and wrote out the recipe for it. They talked about using different time connectives and openers to their sentences (next, after that, finally, etc).


Odds and evens – Harrison asked me to help him with odds and evens because he wasn’t quite sure. We looked at them together with Alex, and the rules that they follow (evens in the two times tables). We used post-it notes to sort out big numbers into odds and evens and played a game on Twinkl.

Roman numerals – We watched a Twinkl live lesson on Roman numerals, which the kids really enjoyed. They then matched Roman numerals to numbers, and then made a clock with the numerals.

Number bonds – We’ve been practicing number bonds to ten and twenty using a Montessori maths kit that I bought from eBay and number cubes from Learning Resources. Ben has also playing a game on Purple Mash – the learning portal that his school uses – which helps them with this.

Weighing – Ben came downstairs and was talking about his prized Lamborghini weighing more than three of his small cars, so we used our balance scales to test it out. We then looked at lots of household objects to find things that were heavier or lighter.

Other stuff

  • Walks and scooter/bike rides around our local estate and to hunt for rainbows
  • Lots of colouring and talking about the people who help us
  • Made TikTok videos and explored increasing our following with TokMatik.
  • Brick rubbing in the garden
  • Played with playdoh and loose parts
  • Made blueberry and chocolate muffins

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  1. So well organised – great ideas for me to try too keep safe

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