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This was a half-term hit in our house! It’s a bit (a lot!) messy, it takes a bit of preparation but the fun that all four kids had for a good hour was worth all the effort involved.

Shopping list:

Obviously, you need to make the jelly the day before. All I did on the day was tip it out onto the tuff spot, add the squirty cream and chuck the utensils and equipment on it.

Watching them was fascinating. They started off by making ‘cakes’ out of the jelly in the cupcake tins and scooping cream on top before deciding it was more fun to mix it altogether.. I then added Elizabeth to the mix, who sat there quite happily smacking her hands in the mixture and rubbing it through her fingers. Ben ended up joining her, sitting and sliding around!

It was messy, but it was fun. There was no bickering and how they worked together to make the cakes and decide to mix the ingredients up was brilliant.

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