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Pancakes are for life, not just for pancake day.

I nearly didn’t share this because I thought that now that pancake day is long behind us, no one would be interested, but who says you can only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, eh?

pancake day messy play tuff spot

Shopping List:

Tuff Spot

Kitchen scales


Mini scoops

Measuring spoons

Plastic lemon slices


Wooden kitchen utensils

Mixing bowl

Chalk pens

Measuring jug



Coloured bowls

I tipped a small bit of flour into one of the bowls, figuring I could give them more later if they needed it (they did!). They had water in the measuring jug to mix the flour with, and a couple of eggs. As always, I’m conscious of food waste when doing an activity like this – these were eggs that I had noticed broken in the box anyway. Had they not been broken, I would have probably left them out.

Around the main ingredients, I scattered some cooking and mixing utensils and gave them the kitchen scales to weigh the ingredients out with. I also used our chalk pens to write down words associated with pancake day for Ben to read.

They had fun measuring out the flour, with me shouting random weights for them to measure out from the other side of the room, and then mixing the water into it to make a lovely gloopy mess. We talked about their favourite pancake toppings and we even talked about which country lemons are grown in.

pancake day messy play tuff spot

As always with our messy play sessions, it ended with the kids just getting stuck in and really making a mess!

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