Why I Want To Visit Fuerteventura in 2019

I’ve been to Tenerife. I’ve been to Lanzarote. I’ve been to Gran Canaria. Fuertervenura is the next one of the Canary Islands on my list to visit. While places such as Bora-Bora and Bali regularly top the list for the most searched for holiday islands, I prefer something just a little bit closer to home. 

It has sunshine and warm temperatures pretty much the whole year round, making it the perfect island destination holiday. In the summer, the temperatures almost never drop below 20c, and in the winter below 15c.  When it rains, which it does occasionally, it is cleared up and the blue skies and sunshine are back before you know it.

It’s not an expensive place to visit, with flights taking about four hours from London airports. When you’re over there, you temperatures have to worry about too much spending money other than your food and drink – there are so many beautiful beaches and things to do outdoors you won’t need to put your hand in your pocket if you don’t want to. To make it even cheaper, you can find island holidays to Fuerteventura with Opodo.

It seems like I’m not alone in wanting a sunny island holiday. Opodo carried out some research and  75% of us choose islands like Fuerterventura for a break because of the weather – well, when we plan on spending three hours a day sunbathing while we are on holiday, a bit of sunny weather would be a good start I guess. Other things influence our decision as well – the food, culture and events such as music festivals are all things that persuade us to book a holiday.

Because I am a statistics geek, here are a few more intersting facts and stats about why people choose an island such as Fuerteventura for their holiday.

Infographic from Opodo showing some of the reasons why people might choose an island destination for their holiday

Alternatively, you can holiday closer to home by visiting the Isle of Man, if flying isn’t your thing!

Where will you choose for your next holiday destination?

*Opodo asked me for my opinion on its research findings

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