Chasing the Sun: 5 Places to Catch the Winter Sun


Chasing the Sun: 5 Places to Catch the Winter Sun

Are you looking for a bit of winter sun? Of course you are! Whilst I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, what I do crave is the warmth of the sun, which even in the height of the summer, Wales can’t always guarantee – and certainly not at this time of year! I want to be able to sit out on the beach with a book while the kids play, go for a dip in a pool and be able to wal aroubnd without being bundled up in coats, hats and scarves. The good thing is that you don’t have to venture too far from the UK to feel the warmth! Here are 5 places with a flying time of less than five hours that are perfect for catching some winter sun:

Portugal: Throughout the winter months, temperatures in Portugal tend to hover around the late teens. Warm enough to fulfill your sun craving, but not so hot that you can’t go out and explore. Visit the Cabo Giro in Madeira – the highest sea cliff in Europe, and take a walk along the glass skywalk if you’re brave enough! If the weather isn’t great, you can always head indoors to the Christiano Ronaldo museum, dedicated to the world famous Portugese footballer.

Tenerife: One of my personal favourites, having stayed in and around Las Americas several times.  Temperatures during the winter months range from 18° up to the low 20’s. Head up to Mount Teide, which may even be covered in snow before heading back down to the beach for a spot of sunbathing and exploring.

Majorca: Temperatures hover around the mid to late teens during the winter, so it’s perfect for exploring the island by boat, bike, car or foot. January and February are particularly good months to visit the island – there’s lots of fiestas and events being held if you’re in the party mood!

Malta: November and February have, on average, around 7 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures in the mid to late teens.  Have a look in some of the 359 churches, or visit Malta’s version of Stonehenge – the Megalithic Temples.

Marrakech: Temperatures are around the 15° to 16° mark, although sometimes reach as high as 20°. It won’t be be as busy as the peak months, so there’s more space and time to wander around the markets and souks and barter with the stall holders. You could also venture up the Atlas mountains for a daytime hike – something which is difficult to do in the heat of the summer sun. Remember to pack your coat though – it does get a bit chilly at night!

If you’re planning a winter sun break, take a look on the Holiday Gems website for some more inspiration for short haul holidays.

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  1. Im someone who loves the winter sun, its great to be able to enjoy the warmth without getting to hot, and not so busy with tourists,never been to Marrakech, it sounds wonderful

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