4 Top Tips For Skiing With Your Family

Once children reach a certain age, it can be difficult to keep their minds occupied at a typical beach or city break, which is why it can be a great idea to find a holiday destination that will allow them to work off all of their excess energy. Skiing is a great family activity and allows children to have fun while learning a new skill. However, there are many things to consider when planning your family ski holiday, from the destination and accommodation to safety and slope suitability. So to help you out, here are four top tips for planning your holiday on the slopes.

Time of year

Unfortunately, there is no time of year when skiing isn’t going to be a fairly expensive holiday sport, because, during peak season, everyone rushes to the slopes. However, there are certain times of year when it’s best to avoid the resorts, such as the Christmas holidays, as this will be when prices are at their highest. Low weeks, such as January and March can be the best times of year to go, especially in March when days are slightly longer, as this makes the holiday more child-friendly.

Choosing accommodation

There is often a range of accommodation options on offer in ski resorts, from townhouses to condos, so you shouldn’t struggle to find something which suits the size and needs of your family. It is important to choose a destination which has child-friendly activities available, such as lodging in Park City in Utah, which offers tubing runs as well as ski slopes, so even those who aren’t avid skiers can still have fun.

Safety equipment

It is important to make sure that you gear your children up well for their skiing exploits. Not only do they need padded clothing for being on the slopes, in order to protect against the cold and in case of a fall, but they should also have skiing safety goggles on to protect their eyes from stray ice and high sun exposure from the reflected light. The amount of time your children spend on the snow should also be limited, as when they start to get tired they are more likely to get into accidents and injure themselves.

Book skiing and snowboarding lessons

If your children have never skied before, then taking them out onto the slopes yourself can not only be difficult to manage, but it could also be potentially dangerous. Children need appropriate schooling and time to get to grips with the technical aspects of skiing and snowboarding, and should gradually build up the difficulty of the slopes they use. One additional bonus of putting your child into a ski school is that it will give you some peace and time alone to enjoy the slopes yourself. Though it is important to bear in mind that the ski school will likely only cover part of the day, so you will have to find alternative methods of entertainment for some of your time away.

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