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I never ever thought I would do one of these posts. I mean, why would anyone actually care? But then I remembered I did one about my bathroom cabinet last year and it had absolutely loads of views. I guess it shows how nosey we all are!!

I’ve read a few of these posts before (Yes, I am a nosey cow!) and they’re all lovely and clean and organised handbags. That’s not what you are going to see here. I have three children aged five and under…having an organised handbag is the least of my concerns!

What's in my handbag? | www.parenthoodhighsandlows.com

What’s in my handbag?

The bag – I’ve randomly lost a box with some of my handbags in (think it was when we moved house), but I was so relieved that this one was safe. It’s a lovely bright coral colour and is big enough for all the crap I carry around on a daily basis. My mum and dad bought it me when they went on holiday to Ibiza last year.

My phone – Obviously, my phone goes everywhere with me –  I feel lost without it!

My planner – My whole life is in here, and I feel lost without it. It has appointments, meetings, school events, birthdays, bills and all my deadlines in there. It’s big, but it fits perfectly into my bag.

Pens – I’ve always got plenty of pens in my handbag. Usually free ones – they always seem to write much nicer!

Business cards – You never know when you need to give one of these out!

Purse – This was a gift from my parents (I think!) so I don’t know where it came from. There’s never any money in there but there’s usually a few crumpled receipts, coupons and all the normal cards.

Notebook – I use this beautiful leather notebook from Pen Heaven to scribble down any blog ideas or thoughts when I’m out and about.

Handcream – I try to put this on whenever I have a spare few seconds, such as waiting in a queue or in the playground waiting to pick Harrison up. I love the smell of this one.

Screwed up school letters – I am really (usually!) good at reading letters from school as soon as Harrison brings them out, but they do end up screwed up in the bottom of my handbag!

Train tickets – left over from BML16 – yes, I really need to clear my bag out!

Blog Badges – One from Blog Camp and one from BML16.

Hand sanitizer – I have a thing about public toilets – I see so many people not washing their hands and then opening the door, which makes me feel a little bit queasy, so I always carry around some hand gel.

Dummy – We have spare dummies lying about everywhere. I keep one in my bag just in case we are out and need one.

Toy cars – All three boys can generally be pacified by a toy car. If we go somewhere to eat, or I know there’s going to be some waiting around, I can pull these out my bag and it buys me a few minutes peace!

Nappy – Just like the dummy – it’s there just in case of emergencies!

So, that’s what is in my handbag. What’s in yours?

7 thoughts on “What’s in my handbag? |AD

  1. Haha great post! Mine would be so much worse, full of junk and very little that’s actually useful! I love the toy cars idea, I really should have something a bit more helpful in mine for bored moments 🙂

  2. Your bag is very organized considering you have three kids under the age of 5! I don’t think mine was ever any better (and I only have two kids and they’re much older 😉 ).

  3. Us Mums keeps so much random stuff in our bags don’t we? Totally agree on the business cards, I was on holiday and got talking to someone and they expressed and interest in working with me – was glad I kept a few in my bags 🙂

  4. Ooo I love having a nosey!! Mine is pretty similar, although I’m never without a selection of sweet wrappers (some still with sticky mush on, covered in hairs), and crumbs lol x

  5. You are much braver than I am . Totally agree about the hand sanitiser, sounds extreme I know but if I had to choose between fitting in my phone or sanitiser then the sanitiser would win , mucky hands down.

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