Skin conditions that you can treat with laser therapy

Laser therapies are gaining popularity around the world for a variety of reasons. Medical practitioners are recommending laser treatments to rectify skin conditions, slow down the aging process, remove kidney stones, shrink tumors, and more. 

According to a recent study, doctors only performed more than 4.1 million laser light procedures in the United States of America. That’s a whopping number and now imagine the number worldwide. 

This article discusses some common conditions that can be treated using LASER procedures. Read on to learn more. 

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles 

Aging, pollution, and using certain products can result in fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, now you have a solution to this problem. It’s laser skin resurfacing. 

Dermatologists use a combination of skin tightening and resurfacing procedures to remove wrinkles. When you consult a dermatologist, they recommend whether to go for ablative or non-ablative procedures. It depends on your skin condition.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy and light-emitting diode photo facials have recently gained popularity. They have shown successful results in treating various skin issues. 

  1. Unwanted tattoo removal

Did you know approx 25% of Americans are unhappy with their tattoos? They regret getting inked and now wish to get them removed. Surgical methods have a long recovery time and mostly leave people with a nasty scar. So, the laser technique came as a relief for patients. It is now amongst the most popular used methods for removing unwanted tattoos. 

You should book a consultation with a professional to get the tattoo evaluated and discuss the further course of action. For instance, laser tattoo removal at Skin Renew Day Spa and Laser Center is finalized after a thorough checkup. The doctors discuss the results and let you know the importance of keeping realistic expectations.

The high-intensity light breaks up the color pigment and slowly promotes discoloration. Generally, doctors find removing a black ink tattoo easier than a colored tattoo. However, light procedures have also shown commendable results in removing colored ink. 

  1. Unwanted hair 

Yes, if you are bothered with excess hair on your body, you can now get it removed using a concentrated beam of light. 

Many people opt for intense light therapy to remove facial hair and unwanted body hair and to get rid of normal hair. You may want to confer with a doctor to discuss your expectations from the therapy. 

The doctors analyze your hair health, skin condition, and result expectations to suggest the best treatment plans. For instance, a dark-skinned individual will need to undergo an LED procedure. On the other hand, a lighter-skinned person can get effective results with the IPL technique. 

  1. Cancer treatment 

Apart from aiding the external appearance, light procedures are also beneficial in treating cancers and precancers

A beam of light destroys the abnormal and cancer cells in the body. Generally, tumor cells absorb different wavelengths of light than other cells. Thus, the surgeons target the harmful cells by choosing the right wavelength. 

In addition, it is used to seal nerve endings, lymph vessels, and blood vessels after surgery for better recovery and reduced inflammation. 

Final thoughts 

LASER treatment techniques have come as a relief for people. They no longer have to get under the knife to get treatment for various internal and external conditions. Recovery after your intense light procedures depends on the therapy you have received. However, it is vital to understand the techniques before opting for them. 

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