Here is How to Keep your Home Warm in Winters

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” Albert Camus 

Winter season drapes the world in pearl-white snow, giving you enough reasons to step outside and relish the most out of this season. Beautiful snowflakes and excitement of the festive season make winters a beautiful phase of the year. But there is something that hampers this experience making it a challenging time to survive in. 

What’s that?

Well, it’s the different ways to keep your home and yourself warm. 

Winters are not just about enjoying the festive season but protecting your home and yourself from the chills of this season. If not taken care in the right manner, one can lead to many health issues like cough, cold, fever, seasonal flu, etc. Here, keeping your home warm and cozy enough to survive easily becomes the biggest need of the hour. 

Here is how to keep yourself and your home warm throughout the winter – 

  • No entry for ‘cold’ – One of the most common ways to keep your home nicely warm is to close all windows and doors. However, make sure to keep enough ventilation arrangements done. If possible, avoid the no-heat emergencies at all costs as it may develop a sense of suffocation inside your home. Initially, you may feel good and warm, but with time it can end up in restlessness, especially in people who have asthma or any other sort of breathing problems. 
  • Pay attention to curtains – Your cotton or net curtains might be the limelight of your interior, but if you want to keep your home warm and cozy in the winter, you may need to change them. Instead of any ordinary stuff, look for curtains with a thick thermal lining which observes the heat and reflects it inside the home. As a result, you have a nice warm home. 
  • Avoid alcohol – People often look upon alcohol like whiskey or brandy to keep themselves warm in chilled winter. However, it may show some promising results instantly, but at the same time, it takes a toll on your health if not consumed in the right amount. So, avoid drinking when stepping outside in the cold or coming back home in your warm corner. But yes, sipping a glass of red wine after dinner in the winter season can help you remain warm from inside out. 
  • Heating equipment – Most of us use heating machines or blowers at home to keep our place warm. Ideally, the temperature of the living area’s blower should be between 18 to 21 degree, whereas it should be 16-degree Celsius for the bedroom. Use heating equipment in the living area in the day-time and in the bedroom at night. 

The last word – 

The winter season comes with a lot of excitement and goodness to offer. From keeping you busy with the preparations to clicking picture-perfect photographs, there are countless reasons for you to relish this season of the eternal beauty of nature. It all becomes even more wonderful when you have kept your home warm throughout the season. It is important to remain healthy, warm, and active even when the snowflakes are draping the world white outside. 

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