Project 365: Week 9

I can’t believe we are in March already – where is this year going?? Here is last week in photos…

February 22nd


Really bad photography, I know, but I had been drinking all day! Graham and I had been out to a Chinese New Year event and took advantage of the free Prosecco, and then on the evening I went out with a big group of friends for some food, drinks and to see 50 Shades of Grey at the cinema. It was a fab night, with lots of Sex on the Beach and laughs, and the film was brilliant. I am even more in love with Christian Grey now… (yes, I know he is a fictional character!)

February 23rd

day 54

This little dude is starting to show signs of teething. He is becoming very dribbly and keeps running his tongue along his gums!

February 24th

day 55

Whilst Alex was asleep and Ben was having cuddles with daddy, Harrison and I played with playdough. We made sausages and birthday cakes, which Harrison cooked in his kitchen!

February 25th

day 56

I love this photo of Alex trying to teach Benjamin to count using the abacus!!

February 26th

day 57

Whilst Harrison was at school and Benjamin was asleep, Alex and I got out some of the Happyland toys. We love Happyland toys here – this is probably only a third of them!

February 27th

day 58

Alex had this inflatable car from my brother for his 1st birthday, but just days later the cat managed to burst it. I contacted Galt, the makers, and they very kindly sent me out a replacement blow up ring. This is the first time we’ve had it out, and I love this photo of Alex and Ben!

28th February

day 59

Today I went to a blogging event at the Custard Factory in Birmingham (where I live). It was hosted by Joe Bloggs and Hillary’s Blinds to celebrate the launch of their new fabric range. I’ve never really done ‘grown up crafts’, but I really enjoyed it. We made removable fabric covers for notebooks (which you can just see in the corner!) and 3D birds (mine didn’t turn out very well!). I’ll be blogging more about that later on in the week.

6 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 9”

  1. Good to see you yesterday – I haven’t done crafting like that since school and we didn’t have things like glue guns then. Love the play dough pic – I am tempted to get ours out today as it’s been a while.

  2. sounds like a really lovely week honey, i was so wanting to go to the blogger event but it was too far me this weekend .. and hoping that as a Notts company they will hold one in Notts soon .. fingers crossed x

  3. Hope the little man’s not suffering too much with teething, I love you notebook cover. I haven’t done any grown up crafts for years either, but at least if they turned out rubbish I could say the boys did it now!

  4. We are big fans of Happyland and playdoh too- lovely expressions in the abacus lesson and what a great result for the inflatable car- I have never seen such a thing!

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