Watches and Bracelets: How Women’s Jewellery can easily Improve an Outfit

When it comes to creativity, there really are no rules and everyone can decide how to best enhance themselves. The choices can greatly vary not only according to personal qualities, but also to the external environment and situations we experience every day. For example, the outfit you can wear at work is very different from the one you might wear in your free time. However, there is one secret that can help every woman improve her outfit in no time for any situation: jewellery. Women’s jewellery is really unique and at the same time very different from one another and, for those who don’t know it yet, it has a very strong power and impact on the beholder.

In this article, we will talk in particular about two types of jewellery that are very often underestimated: watches and bracelets. Despite the fact that they are the most practical type of jewellery, many women do not wear them in their everyday lives, forgoing two very powerful ways of enhancing their outfits. Read on to find out why watches and bracelets are essential pieces of jewellery that all women, regardless of their personal lifestyles, should wear and how to pair them impeccably.


The watch is an accessory commonly associated with the business world, as it makes us look professional and at the same time helps us to organise our time. However, we should not simply use the watch in professional situations, but rather make the most of it in our everyday lives. Indeed, the watch is the only piece of jewellery that is concretely useful, which is why we need to appreciate its potential in every situation. Regardless of your lifestyle, your job and your routine, a watch can help you to manage your time and not waste a single moment of your day. Many people mistakenly think that they can replace this accessory with phones, which can show us the time whenever we want. But the truth is that we are too often tempted to open our apps on our phones, wasting precious time that we could be spending on other activities. A watch is a piece of jewellery that, in its own small way, enables us to change our habits a little and give our time the right value. Therefore, the first important thing to do is to choose your favourite model and start wearing it with your outfits. You can match your watch to all your clothes, without having to replace it every day. It will truly become your life companion and you won’t be able to do without it!


Bracelets are also accessories that are very often underestimated or forgotten by women. Actually, they are very important and will help us to complete our outfit. The choice of the perfect bracelet is fundamental and tricky, because it has to be pondered according to your personality, your physical characteristics and the other jewellery you wear. For example, if you like to wear earrings or necklaces, you need to make sure that the bracelet matches them perfectly, otherwise it will look as if you have just worn the first piece of jewellery you found, and you will lose the full potential of these accessories. If, on the other hand, you like to wear a watch, you need to make sure that the model of bracelet you are carrying does not clash with the model of watch. You should also take your body proportions into account and choose a bracelet that is not too wide or too big for your arm. On the contrary, choosing a bracelet that is too small could make your arm swell and create circulation problems. So, take some time to choose the right model for you. This accessory needs to be carefully selected among many, to add an elegant touch to your outfit. Once you have found the perfect one, it will instantly make you look like a neat and tidy person, as well as a true fashion expert. All this is possible simply by wearing one single accessory: a bracelet. Great, isn’t it?

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