Top tips for preventing nappy rash

top tips for preventing nappy rash

We have always been really lucky because none of the boys have ever really suffered with nappy rash. Sure, we have had the occasional sore bum, but a bit of Bepanthen nappy cream and it has cleared up pretty quickly. A lot of it is down to pure luck, but we have also done what we can to prevent nappy rash happening in the first place. Here are a few tips we have picked up over the years:

1. Nappy free time

It’s a brave move, especially if you have carpets, but letting them roll round with no nappy on and fresh air to their bits and pieces is one of the best ways to prevent nappy rash. If a rash has occurred, it’s one of the best ways of clearing it up.

2. Change nappies regularly

One of the main reasons for nappy rash is being in contact too long with the contents of their nappy. Whilst we all (hopefully) change nappies as soon as we get that unmistakeable smell of a number 2, wet nappies need changing regularly as the ammonia can irritate the skin.

3. Use a barrier cream 

A barrier cream, such as Bepanthen can help create a transparent layer to protect against the contents of a nappy. It’s also makes an excellent rich moisturiser (and brilliant for tattoos and as a foot cream!) and is the most effective barrier and treatment cream that we have tried.

4. Choose the right nappies and wipes

Again, we have been lucky that the kids have tolerated all brands of wipes and nappies but I know a lot of little sensitive bums can react to particular brands. Choose the right ones for your baby, and the right fit.

5. Keep the area clean and dry

Germs thrive in damp areas, so wipe and wash baby’s bits as thoroughly as possible, and dry (preferably in the air) before putting nappies back on.

Have your children ever suffered with nappy rash? What are your tips for dealing with it?

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