How Does Money Impact Relationships?

Many romantics would claim that money can’t buy love. However, evidence has shown that money can make or break a relationship as it affects the decisions we make.

Money. That thing that we need to survive, but can cause heartache or happiness, depending on how much of it you have. Whilst I know it doesn’t buy happiness or love, it sure can help make things a damn sight lot easier. I know Graham and I are much more likely to argue when money is tight because of the strain it puts us under.

Having a shed load of money would be great, of course, but for us, all we want is enough money to make sure that we can pay all our bills every month, cover any unexpected situations and have a few spare quid to go on holiday and buy the odd treat. We both work bloody hard to try and achieve that – Graham works full time in a factory, doing a job that he doesn’t particularly love, taking on overtime when he can, and I work crazy hours on my blog and my freelance work to earn every penny I can. We might not earn a massive amount, but I’m proud of both of us for doing what we can. For me, it doesn’t matter who earns more money – it all goes in and out of one bank account, and we don’t have his and hers money.  It’s family money. It doesn’t matter who earns more – it’s there for whoever or whatever needs it at that time.

It’s not the same for everyone though. I know lots of people have his and her money, and when one of them, usually the woman, is a stay at home parent, it can cause a bit of resentment. I know if I had no income of my own, I’d really struggle with the concept of asking someone if I could buy something.

Shepherds Friendly recently carried out a survey and partnered up with psychologist and relationship expert, Dr Becky Spelman to find out more about how money impacts relationships. They asked a few taboo questions, such as ‘would you break up with your partner if they became bankrupt?’ and who should pay for date nights. The results are really interesting, especially as you can see a considerable difference between men and women. The main thing that comes through from the survey is that a sense of financial security can have a big impact on love and relationships.

What do you think of the results of the survey?

*In collaboration with Shepherds Friendly. 

One thought on “How Does Money Impact Relationships?”

  1. Money is important but not the be all and end all – if this is the basis of a relationship then why be together at all

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