Meal Planning Monday 15/1/18

Last week we pretty much stuck with the meal plan and Alex did really well trying new things. He didn’t like everything but he gave everything a good go and he’s now eating a few new things  – any progress is good progress when it comes to a fussy eater!

Meal Planning Inspiration

Meal Planning Monday

For last week’s meal plan, click here.

Chicken with pesto and parmesan and potato wedge

Sea bass cooked in ginger and soy sauce with egg noodles (thanks to Maria from Suburban Mum for the recipe!)

Slow cooker chicken saag curry and rice

Pork and stuffing stacks with roast potatoes and veg

Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread

Corned beef hash with beans

Chicken roast dinner

For more meal planning inspiration, head over to Katy Kicker and The Organised Life Project


Meal Planning Monday Inspiration

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    1. It’s pork loin steak, some stuffing and apple sauce on top, with another pork steak on top of that. Yummy!

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