Tips on choosing the best childcare in Australia?

You love your little one more than anything in the world. Naturally, placing your child in the care of somebody else is daunting. But despite that, childcare centres are the best options for early childhood education. 

And no wonder such centres have grown at a rate of 2.1% between 2017 and 2022 in Australia. Parents want a safe and friendly environment for their children, which these daycares provide. 

Therefore, you should admit your child only to one of Australias leading child care centres where they receive the best start in life.  

But how can you choose one when there are so many of them? What are some qualities that these services have? Is there a way of ensuring that your child is in safe hands and receiving the best early learning? Read on to find out.

Do they adhere to the National Quality Standard?

All daycare centres in Australia must abide by the National Quality Standard as part of the National Quality Framework. 

The body has seven Quality Areas, including children’s safety and health, educational programs, physical environments, staffing arrangements, and relationships with children. 

Are their nurseries good?

Nurseries are meant for children between 0 to 2 years, and it is a time when they experience rapid brain development. According to science, they develop more than one million neural connections forming every second. 

For parents, it’s a time that leaves them with sweet memories. They watch their child smile, speak the first syllables, and take the first few baby steps. Most parents find it difficult to leave them in someone else’s care.

A good childcare provider will put all your worries at ease. They will have educators who are early learning professionals with experience caring for babies from six weeks. 

They will also have nursery rooms that are little islands of fun, entertainment, and relaxation. Filled with age-appropriate toys, calming neutral colours, and natural materials, they look like a home away from home. 

What about their toddler’s program?

Toddlers are children of 2 to 3 years. At this age, they achieve several developmental milestones like saying their first words, waving bye-bye, walking, climbing, playing, and imitating the behaviour of adults.

Their brains are highly receptive to play and learning at this stage. What type of environment they are exposed to determines their lifelong behaviour. The childcare should provide a safe environment where toddlers can express themselves fully.

The educators should encourage them to participate in activities based on their interests. Since toddlers are curious, educators must develop a program that is insightful, consultative, and interactive, arousing their curiosity.

Does the childcare centre have high ratings?

You should ask the daycare provider about their ratings. All the daycares in Australia are ranked and assessed by the State and Territory regulatory Authority, where they are located. 

The Territory Education Department rates the services depending on whether they meet the National Quality Standards. A high ranking indicates a high-quality service, which would provide excellent care to your child.

Do they have qualified educators?

A good service will have a highly qualified educator, in line with Quality Area 4 of the National Quality Framework. Although no national qualifications requirements exist, states like Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria have territory specific qualification requirements. 

However, according to one of the qualification requirements laid out by the NQF, all educators should have basic first-aid training. They should have completed a first-aid qualification, anaphylaxis management and emergency asthma management training. 

You should only admit your children to Australias leading child care centres because they have highly qualified educators, excellent infrastructure and facilities. Through a fun-filled, amicable, and interactive environment, your child will get the start they need for their educational journey. 

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