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When it comes to my hair, I can be a bit of a chameleon. Because I was a bridesmaid last year, and I’m doing it again for my other brother and sister-in-law in May, I’ve had to keep my hair fairly ‘normal’ – both brides banned me from dying my hair anything other than natural colours and I wasn’t allowed to randomly chop it all off, as I have a habit of doing!

I’ve had waist length hair (thanks to extensions) and I’ve rocked a Victoria Beckham ‘pob’. I’ve had hair every length in between. It’s been bright red, ginger, peroxide blonde, golden, dark brown, rose gold and it’s now semi-natural light brown. I’ve had it like this for about eight months now, and I’m starting to yearn for a change.

Part of me wants to do something drastic. My friend Zara from Mojo Blogs is always changing her hair colour and pulls off everything – from bright blue and pink, to blonde or brown. I’d love to do something as dramatic as going pink – rose gold was as close as I’ve got and I loved it – but I’m scared of wrecking my hair!

One of the best ways of going about a dramatic hair colour change is by wearing a wig. Long gone are the days were they looked fake, with them now being almost impossible to distinguish from real hair. Bobbi Boss Hair, from Divatress, has a huge range of lace front wigs, all absolutely perfect for experimenting with new lengths, colours and styles. The hardest part is choosing which one to get!



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