Three Cocktail Dresses Every Woman Should Own

The warmer seasons are quickly approaching and women everywhere are looking for a few staple dresses that they can wear to the various weddings and ceremonies that they will be attending this summer. By just choosing three options, the budget is kept intact and the goal of having a classic and appropriate option to wear is met. Here are three cocktail dresses every woman should own.

1)      Classic Little Black Dress: This cocktail dress is a staple for all women’s closets everywhere. The versatility and simplicity cannot be beat. It can be styled with classic stilettos for a wedding or it could be styled with stockings and boots for a day-to-night transitional outfit. The black acts as a neutral for any and all accessory colors and creates lots of different looks with just one dress. This is a great budget option and if you can only get one dress this should be a go-to!

2)      The Little Red Dress: Every woman deserves to have a dress that they feel confident in. This classic look screams “power” and exudes dynamic energy. It can easily go from the office to the boardroom to the pub with the right accessories. It pairs well with black accessories, but it can also pair with most colors on the color wheel in styles that range from classic to quirky.

3)      Daytime Floral Cocktail Dress: This dress is not quite as versatile as the other two but it is still a wardrobe staple. A daytime floral cocktail dress can go from garden party to brunch to luncheon to daytime wedding with the greatest of ease. Choose a pastel option for the spring and summer months.

Versatile, simple, classic, and chic – with a bit of luck, these three dress options will get you through any event that arises during the next several months.

Tell me below – what are your wardrobe staples for the spring and summer months?

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