Small Kitchen Storage Ideas You Can Try On A Budget

Kitchen makeovers are often on the top of home improvement checklists. But most homeowners end up focusing more on the aesthetics and sideline storage improvements. Things seem to go the wrong way after the project is complete because there is more clutter due to less storage. You need to focus on storage solutions even more if you have a small kitchen. Not having adequate arrangements to store your stuff can make even the prettiest spaces appear messy. Moreover, it can stress you out as you always have to locate things. The good thing is that you need not spend a fortune on enhancing storage for your small kitchen. Here are some easy ideas to implement on a budget.

Metallic stove and dishwasher in the kitchen

Declutter and purge

The best way to cut down the hassles is by minimizing the need for space. A declutter and purge project for your kitchen gives you a good start. Assess everything you have in your cooking space and pick things you do not use. Do not think twice before purging the redundant stuff because it gives you better options to store the things you actually require and use. Outdated appliances need to go out first. Get rid of the old utensils and crockery you do not expect to use. Also, check your cabinets and throw anything past the expiry dates. 

Hang floating shelves

A small floor area means you should find ways to use more wall space in the kitchen. The best way to do it is by hanging some floating shelves on the walls. The open layout makes the space appear roomier and enhances the functionality of your kitchen. You can use these shelves to display daily essentials like drinking glasses, bowls, and plates to make them accessible. Installing hooks under the bottom shelf is a great idea as you can hang hand towels, utensils, and coffee mugs on them.
Using a pack of 8 Silicon Bronze Wood Screws will really finish the look off. Good quality bronze wood screws will look good, weather well, and blend in naturally with the timber shelving. 

Add a freestanding shelf

Besides floating shelves on the wall, you can bring in a freestanding shelf for extra storage in your small kitchen. An old bookshelf can do the trick, so check if you have one at home or buy it from a local garage sale. You can display it at a convenient place and stack it up with your cooking odds and ends. Place your cookbooks on the top rack to have them at hand whenever you need the inspiration to try a new recipe. You can place spices and other essentials on different shelves for a more organized look. Add this element, and you will have a lot more cabinet space to store other things.

Invest in a cabinet revamp

If you are seriously short of storage space in your kitchen, consider a cabinet revamp this season. Thankfully, you can get new ones without burning a hole in your budget. Opt for RTA cabinets and save money with a DIY project. The good thing about these cabinets is that you can get custom options according to your space limitations and decor needs. Besides enhancing storage, custom cabinets can create a new look and feel for your kitchen. It is a project worth trying because it brings the best of both worlds for homeowners. 

Bring some storage baskets 

Think beyond storage solutions for your small kitchen. Good organization can resolve the concern to a significant extent. You can buy some storage baskets to organize small things such as baking tools, knives, spice containers, and towels. Label them and place them on top of the cabinets for easy access whenever you need smaller stuff.  This way, you will not need to worry about remembering where you stored the lesser-used items. Moreover, wicker baskets can work as a decor element to add texture to the bland cabinets. You can cover the baskets with tea towels to prevent dust from accumulating over them. 

Hang pegboards

A simple pegboard costs nothing but adds loads of extra storage for your small kitchen. You can hang it over a blank wall and hang pots, pans, and clunky utensils on it. With this, you will have more free space on the countertop and inside the cabinets. Your kitchen looks more organized, and everything is within reach. You can even combine multiple sections of utensils to create a kitchen organization wall. Cooking will be a lot easier and faster with this idea.

Label pantry containers

Besides doubling up on storage and organization in the kitchen, your pantry needs some attention. A small pantry can leave you frustrated as you always have to struggle to find things on the go. Moreover, you may always have to trim your grocery lists because of limited space. Maximize it by investing in bright baskets. Group snacks and breakfast essentials in these baskets and label each of them for easy access. You can even label shelves category-wise like grains, nuts, sauces, jams, and more. An organized pantry makes cooking a breeze as you do not have to stress about looking around for the daily ingredients.

Build an island

Small kitchens often fall short of cooking space besides having storage constraints. You can resolve both problems by building an island with cabinets or even old furniture pieces. Bring in the living room table and use it as a food prep station and storage cabinet by installing shelves under the top. You can even add some hooks or rods on the sides to hang your tea towels, knives, and knick-knacks. Find a table with wheels for creating a portable island you can move anywhere you want. Just a little creativity can take you a long way in enhancing both space and storage in your small kitchen. 

Cooking in a small kitchen need not be as challenging as you imagine. A little work and some creative thinking enable you to address your constraints and have more space to store and organize. Embracing minimalism is the best piece of advice to follow because the lesser you have, the easier it gets to store and organize. You can pick these tips to get the most out of your small space. 

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