The Ultimate Man’s Guide to Accessorising

Accessorising. It’s not just a game for a woman, there are plenty of options available for men to spruce up and accompany their look too. Whether you sport a casual look, jazzed up with a nice timepiece and a designer pair of sunglasses or you are going all out for a black-tie affair with stylish cufflinks and a subtle lapel pin.

It doesn’t just stop at jewellery, the world of men’s accessories includes bags, wallets, hats, shoes and don’t forget the belt! The art lies in choosing items that all come together to create a sophisticated and impressive appearance. But where to begin?


Starting at the top, hats not only offer some protection from the sun but are great for bringing a look together and work well when paired with your shirt or shoes for some consistency. While hats aren’t going to be the choice accessory for every event or activity, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Casual gatherings may suit a beanie, Breton or flat/ball cap but you’ll want to break out the fedoras, trilbies and top-hats for those upmarket affairs.


While standard eyeglasses aren’t a necessary accessory for everyone, sunglasses are definitely required in the height of summer and offer some flair while protecting our eyes. There are plenty of big fashion names out there with a wide choice of styles but adding some simple dark sunglasses can create an air of mystery about you.


Men’s necklaces aren’t limited to extravagant chains, there are plenty of subtle necklaces available which can be further accessorised with a pendant, something that reflects your personality or interests. Great for casual or laid-back events, necklaces can go a long way toward offering a subtle yet finished appearance.


Necklaces aside, for a prestigious occasion a man’s neck is often adorned with some sort of accessory, whether that’s a tie, scarf or even a cravat. It’s often the best place to add a splash of colour or whimsey to your look, with plenty of patterns and novelty designs available. Pairing your necktie is often done based on colour schemes, monochromatic and triadic schemes suit professional and formal settings. While complimentary colours often add an extra “pop” to your outfit, making them perfect for more relaxed informal social occasions.  

Tie Bars & Lapel Pins

While these two accessories haven’t always been at the height of popularity, tie bars and lapel pins have recently been seeing a resurgence. Lapel pins are a fancy accessory, often used to denote support for a specific cause or express a personal interest. They should be worn on the right lapel and can be attached in a couple of ways. Although should be adjusted to follow the angle of your lapel when inserting the lower pin back through the fabric.

Tie bars are more of a functional accessory, they hold a certain about of grace about them but also help secure your tie in place, preventing it flapping about or getting in the way. Tie bars should be the width of or slightly shorter than the width of your tie and placed half-way up, ideally between the third and fourth buttons.


If buying a belt to match an outfit, get one at the same time as your shoes. Co-ordinating your shoes and belt is the ideal way to bring some consistency to your outfit and can look out-of-place when not matched. You don’t need to be spending big money to get a good belt but investing in something that will last is a good recommendation.


Wristwear is up to the man’s discretion and depends on what you’re comfortable wearing, particularly if a jacket is going to be covering your wrists. When wearing a watch, you’ll need to take into consideration the type of event you are attending. Chunky sports watches won’t compliment a suit but at the same time, a high-quality timepiece will look over the top worn with a casual outfit.

Men’s bracelets have always been a preferred item of style with plenty of options available from precious metals to cord, twine and beads. Colours work well when paired to your shirt or opt for natural and monochrome tones to suit a range of attires.


Cufflinks are another functional piece of jewellery that has gradually developed into a fashion-statement, from novelty designs that sum up an individual’s personality or interests to diamond-adorned cufflinks that wouldn’t look out of place at a high-class gala.


Shoes are the all-important finisher to your look and getting it right is a necessity. If you’ve gone to great lengths to accessorise and prepare a suit, wearing a pair of sports shoes is going to get you some negative attention. Consider investing in a few pairs of smart shoes in shades of black and brown for those formal occasions.

Accessorising can be the difference between looking good and looking great so make sure you put some thought into the types of jewellery you use to compliment your appearance. Aim to be the talk of the town this summer and style your way into dapperness.

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  1. I’m always trying to get my husband to match his accessorises up, no dress sense im afraid

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