The Best Health Care Jobs in California

When planning on pursuing a career in heath care in California, it is beneficial to know which jobs are usually available in the area, and which have the most attractive salaries. Heath care offers many opportunities in all manner of roles and if you aren’t certain which health care job would suit you best, this list could help you refine your search.

Health Record Clerk

If you have always wanted to work in a medical environment, but don’t have the necessary qualifications, or the time to gain them, working in a clerical role may suit you. Minimum qualifications for this role usually include a high school diploma, or GED, and knowledge of medical terminology is a plus. Working in hospitals and doctors’ offices can be extremely interesting, and admin employees play a key role in ensuring information is maintained correctly, and that patients’ records are kept up to date. Although this may not be a highly paid position, it is still one of the best careers for somebody that requires a steady wage, and would thrive working in a busy, medical setting.

Respiratory Therapist

Job-satisfaction is guaranteed with this type of employment as you assist patients with respiratory problems and help them manage their condition. If this is the career you wish to pursue, you will be required to attend an accredited respiratory therapy school, of which there are many in California. The salary for this position is usually around $57,000 per annum, but in California, respiratory therapists receive the highest salary for their profession, receiving an average wage of around $73,000. You can find out more about Respiratory Therapist Schools in California by visiting the Best Respiratory Therapy Programs website.

Medical Social Worker

Being a patient can be a traumatic experience, and some people require emotional support, financial assistance, and social help. Medical social workers are usually based in hospitals, but sometimes work in outpatient health centers and their role encompasses many services, including, but not restricted to, case managers, and therapists. A medical social worker may work with individuals, or, if the patient is a child, with the entire family. To qualify as a medical social worker you will require a Masters degree from an accredited program provider.

Outreach Specialist

If you like the idea of working in the community, rather than in an office or solely in a hospital or medical center, the role of outreach specialist may suit you. As an outreach specialist you will organise and manage programs to promote community wellness. You will visit outpatients in their homes and focus on certain community groups to ascertain problems with health and create solutions. Outreach specialists can expect to earn around $65,000 depending on the precise area in which you work.

There is no shortage of healthcare professions available to those living in California, and with the appropriate training and qualifications, you can hope to embark on a very lucrative career in your chosen field.

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