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I’ve always worn makeup – my face feels naked without it, but I never really had much interest in it. I just bought the essentials that I needed and that was it. I’m not entirely sure when it suddenly changed, but I now have a bit of an obsession with the stuff. I love nothing more than mooching on YouTube for some makeup tutorial videos, my makeup collection has more than quadrupled and Graham rolls his eyes at how excited I can get over a new lipstick.

I’m still not particularly great at applying makeup -no matter how many YouTube vids I watch, I can’t seem to do winged eyeliner or a cut crease without looking like I’ve been smacked in the eye. Still, you’ve got to love a trier,  the right? I also pretty much stick to budget makeup – three kids and a freelancing income don’t really allow for expensive products!

I thought I’d share a little peek into my everyday makeup products. Believe me, this is only a fraction of the makeup I own, but it’s my go-to stuff for daily wear.

The eyeshadow palette is the newest addition to my collection – it’s from Aldi, of all places, and cost just £5.99. I’d seen the hype building around it for weeks in a makeup group that I am in on Facebook, as it’s supposed to be a really good dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Palette (which is like £40!). I was straight down to Aldi the day it was released! I’m pretty impressed with it. The colours are all ones that I use and, as long as I’ve primed my eyelids, it lasts all day. When I need a new foundation in a few weeks time, I think I’m going to try Aldi’s Lacuna brand out.

The lipstick is also a recent addition – an absolute bargain as well. I got two of them for £1 in my poundshop online haul (as well as some other bits of makeup and hair care, which I love just as much). This is a sort of coral pinky colour which is perfect for the summer. It hasn’t got the greatest lasting power in the world, but for 50p, I’m well chuffed.

My all time favourite foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear, but at £32 a pop, I can’t afford it. This one from The Ordinary is full coverage and isn’t all that dissimilar (in my opinion) to ELDW. It lasts all day and covers my hormonal zits really well!

My mascara is the Extra Long Lash mascara by Rimmel. It’s ok – not the best mascara I’ve tried though. I used to own a mascara which was under a tenner but was brilliant. I can’t remember what it was called though. If anyone has any recommendations for good mascaras under the £10 mark, please let me know in the comments!

I’ve been taking the Colladeen Visage Food Supplement tablets from Natures Best for a few weeks now and I can really see the difference in my skin. It feels much nicer, and whilst it hasn’t helped with the zit outbreaks I’m prone to, it has ‘flumped’ my skin up so it looks more glowing and healthy. It contains nutrients to help support the body’s defence against sun damage to skin, which is reassuring when you spend a lot of time outside!

The eyebrow pomade that I’ve fallen in love with recently, after trying SO many, is the L’oreal Paris Paradise Brow Pomade. It’s so easy to use and, with a quick squirt of setting spray, lasts all day, even when I’ve been all hot and sweaty

My very well used but beloved MUA highlighter. I love MUA makeup, and this is one of my favourite products. I generally prefer cream highlighters – but managed to leave mine in the sunlight so it became a lovely shimmery tin of gloop, so I’m back to my powder one.

So, that’s the products I generally use every day. Let me know what everyday makeup products you recommend in the comments.

*In collaboration with Natures Best. All words and thoughts are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

11 thoughts on “My Everyday Beauty Products”

  1. Im a no 7 fan – purely because it keeps my skin looking fab – tried others but i end up with so many spots

  2. Ive never really worn any makeup apart from occasions or nights out. My daughter is obsessed with it!

  3. I never have been able to find the eyeshadow palette in our Aldi. At the moment I am loving the lipsticks from Primark. They have copied Mac and seem to have got it right too.

  4. I never have been able to find the eyeshadow palette in our Aldi. At the moment I am loving the lipsticks from Primark. They have copied Mac and seem to have got it right too. A real bargain price.

  5. I have the highlighter too i love how cheap there products are, really affordable x

  6. I love to wear make up for special occasions but find that now I’m in my sixties my skin is a lot droopier, especially my eyelids.

  7. I’m also not one for make up, especially foundation, but if i am going out i tend to stick to what i know, normally pink lippy, eyeliner and mascara, but thats prob because im not good at applying eyeshadow, never really been shown, to some people it comes natuaral, but to me i just end up a mess

  8. Nice of you to share. Use make up only occasionally, so good to get ideas, recommendations, etc.

  9. How interesting to learn that there are equally good make-up products at a fraction of the cost! Thank you so much for this information.

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