Lovely Things: August

I can’t believe it is time to write up August’s lovely things already. If you haven’t read my previous Lovely Things posts, on the first Monday of every month I write about all the fab things we have seen, done and had in the previous month, and link it up to Laura’s Lovely Blog

Now that Harrison is at school, the six week holidays are even more special. I always look forward to the school holidays because not only is he at home, but my mum, who is a teaching assistant, is off work as well, so we get to see her more often and go for the odd Mcdonalds lunch or wander round the shops.

At the beginning of August, my friend (in real life and blogging life) Laura from Mind Mood Mommy and I started up our first linky, called Superparent Saturday. It opens on a Saturday (obviously!) and is for people to link up any posts they have written that makes the lives of parents a little easier. It’s doing really well, considering it was started in the summer holidays. We usually have around 8-10 posts link, which we think is fab for a new linky!

My mum and dad were on holiday at the beginning of the month, but when they came home my dad had a few days left before going back to work. We all decided to head to the National Memorial Arboretum in Lichfield. We went there a few years ago when Harrison was a baby and it is such a lovely peaceful place. After we had finished there, we went to the pub for a meal. Because of all the weird shifts my dad and brother do, we don’t get chance to do anything like that very often, so it’s great when we do. It’s just a shame my other brother was working and couldn’t come!

Superparent Saturday |

Superparent Saturday |
Family selfie!

We also went on our very first camping trip, with Graham’s sister and her wife and nieces. I was very apprehensive about going, but we had a brilliant time and we can’t wait to go again! We also had the perfect weather – the kids loved swimming in the outside pool!

Lovely Things |

We also managed a day out at Twycross Zoo, which we really enjoyed. We were blessed with beautiful weather for all of our trips and adventures this summer, which was fantastic!

PicMonkey Collage Lovely Things |

What lovely things did you get up to in August?

7 thoughts on “Lovely Things: August

  1. Lovely photos and a great August! I haven’t done camping with my girls yet. I’m not a big fan of it but I think I should try for my girls as I’m sure they will love it. I didn’t know about your linky I will join next time, 😉
    Thanks for sharing, xx

  2. Sounds like a fab August to me! I’m not much of a camper, the last time we went our tent sprang several leaks in heavy rain so we’ve stuck to glamping since 😉

    Stevie x #LovelyThings

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