Revealed – 4 Things You Should Never Do After A Car Accident

For most, getting caught up in a car accident is a worst-case scenario. Sadly, for thousands of people every year, that nightmare can become a reality in an instant. It’s a fact that most car accidents occur due to human error, but when you’re the victim of a car crash it’s hardly a comforting notion. 

You’re probably familiar with what you should do after a car accident, such as swapping details with the other driver, taking photos of the scene, names of witnesses, seeking medical attention and reaching out to a team of top-rated personal injury attorneys. You may be asking ‘how can I prove my pain and suffering?’ following a crash? Click the link for more information. But what about all the things you shouldn’t do after a car accident? 

Unsure of what I mean? Read on for 4 things you should never do after a car accident. 

Drive away

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you only need to report a car accident if it’s a major one. Even if the damage is minimal, no one was hurt and you and the other driver are fine, then you still need to get in touch with the police and report it. Not doing so is a criminal offence. You also need to get the name and insurance details of the other driver.

Fail to call the police

As mentioned above, if you’ve been involved in a car accident, no matter how minor, you need to call the police. Not only will they be able to secure the scene, and prevent other cars from getting involved, but they’ll also create a police report of their findings and investigation which will help determine who was at fault. This vital document is crucial if you decide to use personal injury attorney in St Louis MO.

Lose your temper

Ok, so you weren’t at fault, and you’re cross at the other driver’s actions. Or maybe they’re being aggressive despite being in the wrong – the important thing here is to not lose your cool. Doing so could insight an aggressive or physical response from the other party. You also need to assess the situation for danger, injuries and get all their information, blaming and shouting won’t help anything. Always ask them if they’re “okay”. 

Admit fault

Even if we aren’t to blame, humans have a habit of apologising even in scenarios where an apology isn’t warranted – e.g. not moving your shopping cart quick enough in the supermarket – so, after a car accident you need to be extra careful not to apologise and inadvertently take the blame for the accident. You may also feel pressure to take the blame if the other party is being aggressive. If this is the case, refuse to speak about the accident and simply get their details. 

In conclusion

Always make sure you know what to do in the event of an accident! 

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