Lovely Things: July

I can’t believe that this is the third ‘Lovely Things’ I’ve joined in with on Laura’s Lovely Blog. This year really seems to be flying past!

July saw Harrison receive his first ever school report (which was fantastic!) and finish nursery, ready to start in Reception in September. He is really excited about his new class and his new teacher. It’s going to feel weird with him being at school all day!


We tried to have a few days out and about, especially at the beginning of the month when the weather was decent. We have been to Stratford Upon Avon, to a country show in Newport and a visit to Warwick Castle at the end of the month, which I will be blogging about this week.


I was quite lucky in July and had a few competition wins. I won a lovely Owl bag in a Facebook competition, as well as an Upbeat Smoothie goodie bag off Mummy and the Chunks blog. I also won a ‘baby dam’ from a Twitter competition but have yet to get it – I must chase it up!



I had a shiny new laptop (early Christmas present from my parents) and bridge camera (early Christmas present for myself) in July. It’s making blogging and work much easier, and I can see the difference in the quality of my photos.


I think August is going to be a really lovely month with plenty of days out planned and our first ever camping trip.

What was your July like?

Lovely Things

10 thoughts on “Lovely Things: July”

  1. Early of July seemed an exciting week for my little boy when we went to Legoland for his 5th birthday. Unfortunately, the weather here in Scotland wasn’t too great in the last two weeks of July so we’re kind of less motivated to go out. … I totally agree that a good camera makes a big difference especially if we’re posting it in our blogs, need to get one myself. Great post! #lovelythings

  2. It sounds like you’ve had a fab month. Fab new camera and laptop 🙂
    And great news on clever Harrison and his report. Logan isn’t going to school until next year but I am not sure I’m looking forward to it though. #lovelythings

  3. WOW, certainly a busy month. Great photo’s too. Love the new camera. I really need to up grade mine. #LovelyThings

  4. Aw, I’m glad you had a great month. I really love that owl bag.. it’s so cute!

  5. It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over and I will soon be shuffling kids to school and sports and won’t have the days of staying in jammies all day from time to time. I too love doing photography on the side. If you get a chance check out There are some great classes on there and I have learned a lot. I am visiting you from #LovelyThings!

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