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Children’s bedrooms should be a place of sanctuary, where they get their first chance to assert some kind of independence from their parents. Rather than a dull, uninspiring template, their bedroom should be an environment that stokes their imagination and their creativity. There is no better way to do this than by invoking memories of magic from their favourite films.

Toy Story

Perhaps the most famous bedroom in the history of children’s films, Andy’s room features in all three of the wildly popular Toy Story films, and plays host to many of Buzz, Woody and the gang’s adventures. Evocative of a starry night sky, gold stars are dotted amongst the light blue walls. A dartboard, whiteboard, mounted skateboards, an electric guitar and a treasure chest help to create a fun, light-hearted and adventurous atmosphere that your child will love.


Reminiscent of the towering chandelier in Frozen, crystal ceiling lights would be the obvious centrepiece of a Frozen themed bedroom. In keeping with the thematically icy environment of the Oscar-winning film, walls should ideally be cold blue, grey and white tones. Perfect for the winter months, a lot of the imagery and symbols of Frozen are synonymous with Christmas – frost-tipped trees; snowmen and snowflakes.

Finding Nemo/Dory

The franchise has seen somewhat of a resurgence with the release of Finding Dory last year, and an aquatic themed room that is a reminder of the film is sure to delight your child. An extensive coral reef seemingly swimming around the walls of their room is a fascinating and intriguing sight. Deep blue ocean walls interspersed with the wide ranging colours of clownfish, starfish, puffer fish and swimming turtles will create a startling visual effect.

Monsters Inc

The starring scarers of Monsters’ Incorporated earn their keep by sneaking into children’s bedrooms at night and harvesting their screams. Initially, Sulley, a top scarer, is himself scared of Boo, but by the end of the film, he returns to Boo’s bedroom excited to see his old friend. Boo’s bedroom door plays a key role in the film, and modelling your child’s bedroom door on it will make your child’s face will light up with recognition. This can be achieved by painting a few purple and pink flowers on the bottom half of a simple white door.

How to Train Your Dragon

Vikings and dragons combine in this adored animated film to make an interesting dichotomy that provides you with the flexibility to take the design of your child’s bedroom in a number of different directions. Viking helmets, shields and swords are extremely distinctive and will more than likely appeal most to adventurous children. Dragons tend to bring to mind castles (think Shrek) and their presence on bedroom walls would be complemented superbly by a castle bookshelf or bedframe.

Of course, a more simplistic way to bring your child’s favourite characters to life is to invest in widely available themed duvets and pillows. Whatever way you decide to bring their favourite films into their rooms, it is inevitable that it will prove to be a special part of the house where their imagination can run riot, and their creativity can flourish.

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