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The one thing I really want my children to understand is the value of education. We are incredibly lucky in the UK to have a good, free education system, and I want them to use that to their advantage.  As a former primary school teacher, I know how important it is to have the support of parents, and so at home, I do what I can to help them and develop their learning further. When they are older, I’d consider hiring a tutor, especially a chemistry and physics tutor, as they are my weak subjects by far, but that’s a long way off!

Harrison is in year one, which is the first year in Key Stage One. Whilst he doesn’t have any formal homework, other than his reading books and some weekly spellings, we get daily updates from his school about what the class has been doing that day and ideas for supporting them at home. We’ve just bought him a laptop to use, so when we found out about Education Quizzes, we logged straight on.

Education Quizzes is an educational website with quizzes for all key stages in all subjects. The quizzes are written by school teachers and are designed to help support learning. I was really impressed with the range of subjects and topics that the website covers. Harrison was really excited to practise his 2 x tables on there! It taps into kids love of all things technology and interactive, which is much more likely to keep them engaged for longer.

Subscription to the site costs £9.95 a month, which I think for the range it covers is excellent value, but schools also have the option of purchasing a subscription at a much cheaper rate (as little as £2.00 a year!) which can help families who may not be able to afford it to access it. I know that if I was still working in a school, whatever age range I was teaching, I would be recommending this to both parents and the school itself as an interactive learning tool.

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