Project 365: Week 10

This week has been a busy week. We’ve looked after our nieces, done lots of creative stuff, played outside, had friends over, read lots of books….I’m knackered!!

March 1st

day 60

This weekend we looked after our nieces, who are 5 and 12. It was a lovely weekend, even if I did get roped into baking with 4 kids!

March 2nd

day 61

After school, Harrison wanted to get the playdough out. Whilst he was playing, I took the opportunity to sort out our huge playdough box. We have over forty tubs of the stuff, and well over a hundred cutters and tools. I chucked some dried up stuff away, sorted out all the mixed up colours into labelled tubs and created a bit of order in the box.

March 3rd

day 62

Everyone says how much Harrison and Alex look alike, and I know they do, but they also look so different to me – until I saw this photo. When I saved it on my computer I had to name it because Alex looks so much like Harrison here. In a few years time, I’m going to struggle to tell who this is!

March 4th

day 63

I’ve seen this idea a few times but just never got round to trying it with the kids. Today we watched Mister Maker and he was doing it. The boys begged me to let them try it – I’ll be blogging about it soon!

March 5th

day 64

Like lots of kids, Harrison went to school today dressed up as a character from one of his favourite books. He loves The Hungry Caterpillar!

March 6th

day 65

I realised that we have never had my brothers round our house for a drink, so tonight both of them came round, along with Tom’s fiancee for a takeaway and a couple of drinks. It was a lovely evening – we had the music channels on in the background and just chatted.

March 7th

day 66

The kids have been making the most of the warmer weather and have been out in the garden. Harrison was scooting around like a maniac in his car when it toppled over. Of course, my first reaction was to take a photo!


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