How To Encourage Children To Be Active

In a world filled with iPads and games consoles, many children are becoming less and less physically active. It can be hard to drag them away from the latest Fifa game, but there are a number of ways to encourage children to be more active. If you are struggling to pry your kids away from their screens, read on!


When you are encouraging a preschool-aged child to become more active, the focus shouldn’t be placed on arduous activities or team-based sports. Experiencing a lack of success at a young age can make children fall out of love with physical activities so it is important to focus on the fundamental key skills instead.

Kicking a ball or learning how to throw a ball or a frisbee, or riding a bike is a great choice for a pre-school aged child. These activities help them to develop their gross motor skills, without the pressure that comes with team sports.

Primary school children

By the time children have reached primary school age, they are likely to have developed a taste for certain TV shows and video games which then leads them to embracing a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, it becomes much more difficult to encourage them to be active.

They may show an aptitude for a certain sport, such as football or basketball. In many instances, a child in school only has an interest in the sport that they are proficient at, so don’t force them into participation.


Teenagers can often be the most difficult to encourage since they have more choices at their fingertips than preschoolers and primary school aged children. They also have more commitments and more responsibilities than their younger siblings and friends, so it is the duty of the parent to step up and provide help when needed. This means offering lifts if the teen needs them, or offering financial assistance if they need to purchase any equipment. Teens are often shy about getting started on a new physical activity, so a lift to the gym or a new pair of trainers can make the world of difference! Often, schools can arrange trips abroad – nothing like a bit of school sports travel to get them excited!


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