Overnight Oats

We have been challenged by Flahavans to create some interesting and unique recipes using their Jumbo Oats, to show that porridge isn’t a boring breakfast option.

Last week I shared my recipe for chocolate, banana and coconut oat smoothie with you. Today I’m sharing my recipe for overnight oats.

Overnight Oats

Porridge is really easy to make, and only takes a couple of minutes in a microwave. The problem is you don’t always have those couple of extra minutes (plus cooling down time!) when you also have three kids to sort out in the morning. This is where overnight oats are great as they are ready to eat in the morning. You can add anything you like to them – berries would be lovely – but this is what I chucked in mine!

Overnight Oats

1 x cup of Flahavans Oats

1x cup milk

Half a banana

Spoon of goji berries

Spoon of coconut flakes

Spoon of chia seeds

The night before, I mixed the oats into the milk, stirring well. I then mashed the banana up and added it along with the rest of the ingredients to the oats. I then transferred it all into an airtight container and popped it into the fridge and left it overnight. It’s literally as easy as that!


The next morning the milk had soaked into the oats making them lovely and soft. I added a sprinkle of cocoa nibs to mine to give it some extra crunch, and I had enough left over for the next morning.

Watch out for another porridge recipe very soon!


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