4 Changes To Help You Live A More Organised Lifestyle

4 Changes To Help You Live A More Organised Lifestyle

If you’ve always dreamed of being more organised, then this list is for you. We’ve put together 4 changes you can make to help you live a more organised lifestyle, which will lead to you feeling calmer, getting more done and being able to enjoy your home and your space more without constant feelings of stress. An organised lifestyle is a successful lifestyle, so if you have goals you want to achieve then the way to meet them is through organisation and routine. Take a look at how you can get more organised here:

  1. Write everything down

Keep track of everything in your life by writing it down. Relying on your memory is a surefire way to forget things. Keep an address book of all your important contacts, make to-do lists that you can check off as you get through tasks, and write down shopping lists so that you don’t forget anything and don’t end up buying unnecessary items. Keep everything you can write on paper, it is a proven way to commit things to memory, and in the chance that you do forget where you had planned to go for dinner next week, you’ll have it written down to remind you! A good notepad and pen should go with you everywhere, always at the ready to create a list, note down a plan or write down some other important information you don’t want to forget.

  1. Create your own deadlines

A great way to keep on top of a big workload, whether that’s in the office or at home, is to create (and stick to!) deadlines. Prioritising tasks and creating your own deadlines for each one is an excellent way to ensure that you’re always getting everything done on time and that you don’t end up rushed off your feet at the end of each week. However, just setting deadlines isn’t enough. You need to work hard to make sure you are sticking to them by setting time aside regularly to work on your goals. If you do this well, you should end up able to get through everything you want to do with hopefully minimal stress.

  1. Declutter regularly

You know what they say: clean home, clean mind. This statement couldn’t be more true. Make sure you are setting time aside regularly to declutter your home and organise everything so that your living space is clean, organised and clutter-free. If you want to do this properly, take all of the things that you don’t use very often such as your winter clothes, your box of old yearbooks or anything else that is simply sitting in your home and taking up space and put it in self storage. This is a great way of keeping a hold of the things you own and need from time to time while still being able to declutter your home and reduce the number of things lying around your space.

  1. Organise your finances

Keep your financial life organised by downloading a money management app, setting budgets and sticking to them. Work out all of your regular monthly outgoings on things like rent, bills, travel and groceries and then how much of your paycheck you’ll have leftover each month. Set yourself a spending budget and allocate a certain amount each month to be put into your savings. This will not only help you to keep track of your spending habits but encourage you to spend less on things that will clutter your home, as well as the added bonus of increasing your savings as you go. Organised people are always planning ahead and adding to a savings account is a fantastic way of doing just that.

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