How to store items safely when renovating your Weston home

Home renovation is exciting but not always easy. One of the challenges you’ll face during the process is finding proper storage for your belongings.

When making significant renovations to several parts of the home at once, it may be difficult to cram all the items from the other rooms — kitchen, bedroom, etc., into one space. Although Weston is pretty safe, you may also need to keep certain valuables out of sight of passersby.

However, storing your items safely during renovation isn’t impossible. Here are some ways to go. 

1. Grab the opportunity to declutter

Many old and unused items may be taking up valuable space in your home. Leverage this opportunity to do away with some junk to free up space. There may be clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in years and appliances and furniture you’ve always said you’d repair but never did so. Sell, donate, or recycle them to declutter your home

2. Keep things out of sight

It’s best not to make the mistake of keeping valuable items outside, especially when your home is directly in the view of passersby.

Leaving your items on display wouldn’t be the safest bet. Consider locking furniture and other items in your garage if there’s enough space for that.

However, ensure the items are entirely out of sight and ensure the builders tidy away their tools as well at the end of the day. If there are items in view, burglars will realize that the home is probably empty and may move to strike. 

3. Fill the room but not entirely

If you are not renovating some rooms or the garage, you can lock up your belongings there. Fill them with as many items, but ensure there is enough space between larger ones.

Allowing pathways between items would ensure easy access when getting to things. You also must ensure proper stability to avoid large items falling on smaller ones. 

4. Seek external storage when space is limited

Getting many of your belongings out of the house will surely improve the renovation experience. It typically eases the workmen’s access and movement.

However, if there’s insufficient room to keep your belongings, consider moving them out to an off-site storage. The Lock Up storage in Weston provides a secure facility for Weston homeowners to store their items temporarily, no matter the size. With electronic coded access and motion-sensitive lightning, such facilities offer you peace of mind for your expensive items.

Valuable items like fridges, dishwashers, and art pieces are better kept in self-storage facilities. When the renovation is complete, and you’re ready to get back, they may offer help with the moving. 

5. Use the right packaging

Some people pick up whatever box they find around the house to pack their items. However, this is only for things that don’t easily break.

It’s best to get appropriate packaging for your valuable collections and china. It wouldn’t be nice to have that highly prized art piece break during the move. For such items, you might want to get sturdy boxes. 

Wrapping up

There you have it! Once you’ve safely kept your belongings away, the renovation can go smoothly until completion. Then you can move in again into your new paradise.

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