Who Books A Wedding In The Middle Of A Pandemic? US!


After almost 18 years together, a 12 year-long engagement, four kids and a move from England to Wales, Graham and I have finally booked our wedding.

In the middle of a pandemic.

I mean, only we could end up doing that!

We have booked it for the beginning of April 2021, so at the moment, we are not quite sure what the situation will be. We could only end up with a (literal) handful of guests, or we could do with all of our family with us. If the restrictions are lifted, we will have around 25 guests, so not a big affair by any stretch of the imagination. If COVID restrictions are in place, it could be just our kids and our parents. We are hoping for the latter but prepared for the former.

We have opted for a very small, informal and family-oriented wedding. No fancy cars and flowers, no reception and photographers and all of the additions. Just Graham, me, our kids and our families.

It feels very surreal to think in just over 100 days, I will no longer have the name that I have had for the last 35 years. I will be a Mrs H, not a Miss C and will have the same surname as my children. I will have to figure out a new signature, and I will no longer be ‘the girlfriend’, the ‘missus’ – I’ll be a wife.

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