Meal Planning Monday 1/2/21

There is something a bit satisfying about starting a new month on a Monday, isn’t there?

Well, we have made it through the first month of 2021, and what a month is has been! We just keep ploughing on, whatever is thrown at us. After all, what is the alternative?

This week is nothing exciting – the usual balancing of homeschool, working, and trying not to go stir crazy! On Sunday, however, it is my HEN DO!!!! Yep – we are going all digital and doing it over Microsoft Teams. I’ve had a box of amazing goodies sent to me already, and I can’t wait until Sunday to see all my favourites in one (virtual) room. If my meal plan next week is a bit squiffy, it’s because I will have had one too many gins.

meal planning monday

Meal Plan

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

Chicken katsu curry with rice

Toad in the hole with corn on the cob

Mushroom and spinach pasta

Fish pie and peas

Spaghetti bolognaise (cooked by Harrison)

Pizza and chips

Roast dinner

6 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 1/2/21”

  1. It’s scary how fast January has gone, I am looking forward to it getting closer to springtime though.

  2. I do love a month which starts on a Monday. It is very satisfying.
    Ohh! Your hen do sounds like fun. Have a great time.
    Fab meal plan. We have Chicken Katsu Curry planned this week too, it’s about time, I’ve been meaning to make it for weeks. lol

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