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Using Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investments

Finding the best way to fund your next real estate investment is a matter of understanding your goals in the market and knowing which products are designed to help you reach them. While traditional commercial real estate loans are excellent for turnkey-ready properties that companies can use as facilities, investors looking to improve properties and return them to the market will find hard money loans for real estate are built to help them achieve their goals much more efficiently.

Understanding Los Angeles Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans operate by using the value of the property as security, making them attractive investment vehicles for the investors who fund them and powerful real estate development tools for the entrepreneurs who use them to turn around properties. Many of these loans operate as trust loans.

Trust loans California operate by placing the property deed with a trustee, as a form of escrow. The equity deed remains with the borrower, but this provides a fast mechanism for the recovery of funds in the event of a loan default. The resulting security allows the lender to offer the loans at a much lower rate than otherwise.

Finding Los Angeles Hard Money Loans

Private lending companies are your best resource for hard money loans. It’s the way the market works. Finding the right lender for your needs is a matter of understanding the options and working with a local real estate hard money lender you can trust. North Coast Financial has been offering real estate investors access to the loans they need to improve properties and return them to market for years, funding over $800 million in California real estate. On top of hard money loans, they also offer:

  • Distressed property loans
  • Probate and trust loans
  • Fix and Flip loans

For more information about how these loans can help you close the deal when you’re investing in property, visit the company website to contact a representative.

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