Introducing Tilly

As regular readers of the blog will know, a few weeks ago we said goodbye to our beloved dog Freddie. Freddie was a rescue dog, who we believe was neglected as a puppy. He had a few issues to begin with (like completely destroying the living room!) but my parents gave him a very happy and comfortable life, right up to the very end.

After Freddie died, my mum and dad promised that they would adopt another dog. Not to replace Fred – no dog could ever replace him – but to make a difference and give another dog the chance to have a good life.

Two days before Christmas, they picked up Tilly, the newest fur baby of the family from Birmingham Dog’s Home. She is a lovely little thing – part staffy. She isn’t the most beautiful of dogs, although she is cute in her own special way.


When my parents visited the dogs home, they explained that they needed a dog who was good with other dogs (they also have Kai, a German Shepherd) and good around kids. Tilly is both. Just like Freddie, she adores playing with other dogs and is gentle and kind around children. She is the perfect family dog, and doesn’t have a vicious bone in her little body.

Tilly has every reason to be vicious. She is only about 18 months old and has had the shittest start to life. She was dumped and then reclaimed by her owners when they realised she was pregnant. Very soon after giving birth, she was found in the street by the dogs warden, where she was taken to the dog’s home. Her puppies had been taken away from her far too soon – she was still producing milk when she was found. Even now, she still has a saggy ‘mummy tummy’ and droopy boobs. She will need to be neutered after she has a season. Scars around her head and ears suggest she was used in dog fighting, forced to fight in order to get food. Even after all that, she is a gentle little soul who wants nothing more than company and love. She is the most cuddly and affectionate dog, curling up with her head on your lap and demanding a bit of fuss.

She went to sleep like this!
She went to sleep like this!

She has got a few little issues – she has had a couple of fits, and has been diagnosed with epilepsy which means a lifetime on tablets. She appears to be afraid of the dark and has had a few nightmares, which means night times can be a bit rough, but hopefully as time goes on, these will start to ease.

Tilly has definitely found her own little space in my parent’s home and in all of our hearts. I’m sure Freddie would have adored her and would definitely approve of another dog getting the chance of happiness.


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