Meal Planning Monday 7/1/19

Well, that wasn’t quite the start to the New Year that I had hoped for! I woke up on New Years Day feeling very much like I did in my early 20’s, except this time I couldn’t blame alcohol and a late night for feeling like I had been hit by a bus. In fact, we were in bed with cups of tea and Birdbox by 9pm on New Years Eve – rock and roll, eh? Whatever bug wiped me out on New Years Day came back and hit me for round two over the weekend, so I haven’t really done a lot at all yet! The kids are all back at school today, but it’s going to be a funny old week because Harrison FINALLY has his grommets operation on Wednesday!

Meal Plan

Potato dauphinoise with gammon and vegetables

Scrambled egg, smoked salmon and sourdough toast

Chicken nuggets, chips and beans

Pork fried rice with vegetable spring rolls

Chicken and leek pie, chips and peas

Pasta and meatballs

Chicken roast dinner

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