Meal Planning Monday 24/9/18

So, you remember last week (if you didn’t read it, you can by clicking here!), I said about the kids not going to many after-school clubs and getting into a routine? HA!

It’s ALL turned on its head (again). Church club has changed to a Monday for the younger ones, and Harrison has decided he wants to go to martial arts lessons with his best friend. He’ll be going two or three evenings a week to do karate, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. On top of that, we need to factor in homework and instrument practice. I’ve totally ripped up the timetable and we will see how it goes. As always, it means being organised and knowing where everyone is supposed to be at what time. It also means making sure dinner is ready to go and can potentially be kept warm or reheated.

Meal Plan

Meatball pasta bake with salad

Slow cooker butter chicken and rice

Pork and apple stacks with mashed potato and veg

Seafood Pasta

Chicken wraps with salad and sweet potato fries

Pork roast dinner


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