Meal Planning Monday 20/11/17

Meal Planning Monday 20/11/2017

It’s a short one this week, as we are back in Birmingham on the weekend to celebrate Benjamin’s 3rd birthday with our family! Last week we pretty much stuck to the plan, and a had a few yummy extras – I tried making rice pudding in the slow cooker and judging by how quickly the kids demolished it, everyone enjoyed it. I’ll be blogging the recipe very soon.

This week’s meal plan

Chicken, bacon and spinach on tagliatelle

Leek and Potato Soup with crusty bread

Toad in the Hole with veg

Chicken stew and mash

Cottage pie



For more meal planning inspiration, head over to ‘Er Indoors and Me’ and ‘Life of an Auntie and Mum‘ to see their meal plans for the week.

Meal Planning Monday 20/11/2017



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