Meal Planning Monday 15/10/18

This week is an insanely busy one! As well as all the usual school runs and after school clubs, I’ve got a stay and play type session in Ben’s class on Wednesday afternoon, followed by parents evening at Harrison’s school. Typically, they’ve given me an appointment which doesn’t give us enough time to get home and do anything before going back but it means hanging around school for the best part of an hour. Great. On Friday I’ve got their harvest festival assemblies – Harrison’s being at 11, and the Infants one is at 2.20. I really don’t know how parents who work outside the home managee. All of this, combined with Graham on the later shift this week means lots of easy dinners.

Meal Planning Monday

Vegetable stirfry

Beef stew with dumplings

Chicken wraps with sweet potato fries

Cottage Pie

Chicken curry lasagne (saw this on Facebook and it looks epic!)

Meatball pasta bake

Pork roast dinner


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 15/10/18”

  1. Can’t beat a pork dinner – that’s what we’re having tomorrow

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