Meal Planning Monday

We were much more on track last week with the meal plan. The only day we didn’t stick to it was the day we were supposed to have a beef roast dinner. Graham ended up doing some overtime, and so he wouldn’t have been here to cook it (I can’t do roast dinners!) or eat it. We ended up treating ourselves to a cheeky pizza takeaway that night! This week is the first week of the holidays for us, so I wanted to plan things that don’t take an awful lot of prep time or cooking. Pizza can be chucked in the oven, chips are always cooked in the halogen oven (my second favourite kitchen gadget after my slow cooker!). The soup is really simple – just boiling the veg, adding stock and then using the potato masher on it. Cottage pie is in the freezer already and the chicken and veg is a case of chopping some sweet potato, leeks, peppers and courgettes and whacking them in the oven with some olive oil. The rest of the week is Graham’s off days, so he will take over in the kitchen and do the cooking then!

Meal Planning Monday

Here is this week’s plan:

Monday: Pizza and chips (first day of the Easter holidays – need something quick and easy!)

Tuesday: Homemade Leek and Potato Soup and sandwiches

Wednesday: Cottage pie and veg

Thursday: Chicken and roasted veg

Friday: Beef roast dinner

Saturday: Fajitas

Sunday: Pulled pork, crusty bread and potato wedges

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