Meal Planning Monday 11/06/18

Today is Harrison’s 7th birthday! We had his main birthday celebrations on the weekend when my parents came up to stay, but tonight he wants either an ‘order’ (takeaway – probably Chinese) or a McDonalds for his birthday tea – he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet.

We’ve been loving this hot, sunny weather that we’ve had lately (I’ve blatantly gone and cursed that now, haven’t I?) but it’s made meal times quite difficult. None of us want to eat anything particularly heavy, and trying to get the kids in long enough from the park or garden to sit down and eat is hard work. This week’s meals are all based on the assumption that the good weather is continuing, so it’s all quite light.

Meal Plan

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Lemon and garlic chicken wraps with salad and wedges

Picky tea – sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, crisps, veggie sticks etc

Hot dogs, chips and corn on the cob

Summer pea pasta

Tuna quesadillas with salad

Pork chops, roast potatoes and vegetables

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3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 11/06/18

  1. Your picky tea has just reminded me I have to get stuff for a picnid for sports day. Sounds like a meal plan my boys would enjoy #mealplanningmondays

  2. Happy birthday Harrison! I hope he has a fab day! It sounds like a fun birthday tea…
    Great meal plan. We love a picky tea here.

  3. Happy birthday Harrison! The tuna quesedilla looks good – I haven’t given my family anything like that for ages. One to add to the meal plan. Thanks for linking up xx

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