Let’s Talk About Teeth, Baby

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond” Miguel de Cervantes.

It is a funny thought that a lot of us pay little or no real care to the health of our teeth, yet xour mouths literally do all the talking which makes them the focus when we are socially engaged. 

While we are not all naturally blessed with the Hollywood smile, there are ways we can improve the health of our teeth, gums and mouths, making our smiles shine brightly.

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Let us start with the basics: Brushing at least twice a day and definitely after mealtimes. Plenty of us jump out of bed and head straight to the bathroom, but this could be a mistake if you then head to the kitchen for toast and orange juice. The acidic content in the orange juice will eat away at your enamel, so instead of brushing first thing, make it the last thing you do before leaving the house.

Consider an electric toothbrush and use a fluoride toothpaste to help harden tooth enamel, reducing the risk of decay and brush thoroughly. It should take you a couple of minutes to clean. Then get flossing. 

Alcohol, acidic drinks like cola, and cordials all help to soften your teeth and dissolve the minerals in your enamel which cause cavities. This results in filings and often can cause a lot of pain. The bacteria in plaque also changes sugars into acids so limit your intake of sugary foods.

If you are really worried about the shape of your teeth, you could ask a specialist in cosmetic dentistry Tampa for some advice on cosmetic procedures such as dental veneers.

Do not use your teeth for anything other than chewing food. We have thankfully moved a long way since the stone ages and now have plenty of instruments to crack nuts, remove bottle tops and rip open letters. You can chip your teeth or even break them completely!

If you are into sports, especially contact sports like rugby or basketball, wear a mouthguard. If you do end up taking a knock to the face or a fall and you have knocked out a tooth, hold the tooth back in place and get yourself straight to the dentist! If you can’t hold it in place, then drop it in some milk and head to the dentist!

Gum health is extremely important. If you notice you have bleeding gums, this could be as simple as not flossing or brushing enough. However, it could be the sign of gum disease if you notice blood often, and this will lead to your teeth falling out. It is not very Hollywood glamour to be smiling with no teeth in!

Visiting your Herndon dentists every six months, regardless of issues, is an excellent way of spotting signs before anything more serious develops. A good visit to the hygienist every three months will help you have a gleaming smile in no time.

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