Ways To Resolve Child Custody Without Engaging in A Battle

Divorce can be mentally and emotionally taxing on both spouses, especially if they had kids before they separated. If you go about your child custody dispute in the wrong manner, you could scar your children for life and make your relationship with your ex-spouse go stale. It would be best to resolve your custody battle amicably to avoid exposing your children to an unhealthy environment. Here are a few tips on how to resolve child custody without engaging in a competition.

Keep away from social media

Couples going through a divorce often get into legal troubles because of the posts they share on their social media profiles. Suppose your social media posts suggest that you are reckless, carefree, and a risk-taker; you are less likely to be granted full custody of the children. It is always smart to stay away from social media until after you resolve the child custody dispute. Remember, what you post on social media might be used against you.

Formulate a custody plan

If you don’t develop a viable custody plan that will accommodate you and your spouse, the court will be forced to do that for you. Your custody plan should include time allocated for each parent to look after the children and designated pickup and drop-off locations. Ensure you have special events such as birthdays, vacations, and holidays in your custody plan.

Consider mediation

If you cannot see eye to eye with your ex-partner, you could try other techniques to resolve the differences. You could try divorce mediation to help resolve the child custody battle amicably. During mediation, a neutral party listens to both sides of the story and helps them settle on a middle ground. The mediator will also guide you on how to develop an appropriate custody plan that will cater to everybody’s needs.

Maintain records of every event

If your custody battle seems heated, it would be best to document everything that involves the children. Examples of vital records you could keep include children’s visits, appointments with teachers, texts and emails with your spouse, and your children’s medical appointments. By maintaining clear records, you will be better positioned to demonstrate to the judge that you are willing to prioritize your child’s well-being.

Avoid badmouthing your spouse

Even though you are parting ways with your spouse, your children still love them and see them as their parents. Children pick up on the tension in the house, and they silently watch and listen to what you say about the other parent. It would be best to refrain from making negative remarks about your spouse in their presence, as you might influence them to take sides wrongfully.

Leave room for flexibility

Even after you have agreed on a formidable custody plan, there are times you will not be in a position to arrive on time to pick up or drop off the kids. If unavoidable circumstances come up and the set schedule stops working for you, ensure you have a sit-down with your spouse to make the necessary changes. You can talk to your custody lawyer about adding caveats and backup plans into your plan.

Wrapping up

It would be best to tailor your custody plan to fit your unique situation. Seek professional help to make the process smooth. Also, ensure you listen to advise from your divorce lawyer or mediator as advice from friends and family could sometimes be misleading.

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